GTS Keramik
Made in Germany

Engi­neer­ing ceram­ics

The diverse prop­er­ties of ceramic prod­ucts offer an immense spec­trum of possi­ble appli­ca­tions. Compo­nents made of ceram­ics can now be found in almost all sectors of the econ­omy. Researchers are discov­er­ing new appli­ca­tions every day. GTS has specialised in the field of wear tech­nol­ogy. Compact parts for mechan­i­cal engi­neer­ing or fili­gree preci­sion parts for medical tech­nol­ogy as well as special designs for elec­tron­ics belong to our stan­dard prod­uct range. The 3D process is also used in the manu­fac­ture of proto­types. The subse­quent sinter firing compresses the mate­r­ial to such a high degree of hard­ness that the parts can only be processed further using diamond tools. This prod­uct is used by many compa­nies that need proto­types in their devel­op­ment phase until large series are ready for produc­tion. We produce highly wear-resis­tant ceramic compo­nents made of differ­ent ceram­ics and preci­sion machined moulded parts accord­ing to our customers’ spec­i­fi­ca­tions, as single pieces or in large series. Our tech­ni­cal service is also avail­able for you in this field and our staff are happy to advise you at any time.
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